Whether you are on vacation in Myrtle Beach, Bald Head or anywhere on Pleasure Island a great day activity is to take the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferrry.  For only $14.00 round-trip, you can take the ferry across the Cape Fear River from Fort Fisher to Southport or vice versa. The entire ride takes about 20 minutes but you should arrive 30 minutes beforehand to ensure you have a slot. For updated route times they are available here. Service for five of North Carolina’s seven ferry routes is on a first-come, first-served basis, there is no online purchase available.

We took our first ride in July a round trip from Ft. Fisher to Southport. In theory, it was to get the kids out of the house during Covid-19 but in reality, the restaurant in Southport, Nc The Provision Company has some of the best shrimp in the world and those steamed shrimp were on my mind. 

If you haven’t taken a ferry it is a bit of an adventure not only for kids but for adults as well. The act of driving your automobile onto a boat seems abnormal at best. Once you are in place and the ferry disembarks you are free to get out and walk around. There is a weather controlled area above with ample bench seating if the weather is not fantastic. Additionally, there are observation decks both forward and aft or outdoor observations. 

The ride is usually calm but obviously if it is windy the Cape Fear River will get a bit churned up. Along the way the scenery is great, views of wildlife and landscapes make the 20 minutes fly by. A fun thing to do is to bring along a small bag of bread or crackers and walk to the back of the ferry. There you can feed the seagulls without anyone complaining. 

The Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry is operated by the North Carolina Transportation Department and they are a professional crew and perform a great service. Make sure to thank them….



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